making things online for seven years and counting

I’m a web & mobile designer working with companies at both the startup and established levels. I specialize in object oriented design, mapping out product flows, and working from wireframes through visual design.

Jenna Fucci

about me

Over the past seven years, I’ve worked as in-house designer, a sole designer on a small development team, and a designer on an agency team.

My focus is mainly on digital products, but I also enjoy illustration, photography, and an occasional DIY home project. I landed in design after taking typography and print classes. I loved the combination of making things that existed to solve a problem, and exploring different solutions around those constraints.

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Current Role

Senior Designer at Infinite Red


Illustration, Photography, Interior Design (mostly through DIY projects), Baking, and Gardening

Things I work with

Sketch & Abstract workflows, Building sites & CMS in Webflow, Design Systems, Object-mapping

Things I'm learning

Figma, Procreate